"You don't need to re-brand for a technologically diverse audience; you just need to REACH™ them."


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Torres & Ortiz - Brand Diversity (or brandiversity) is a full service Tampa based multi-communication platform advertising agency specializing in multi-communication platform strategies, multicultural branding and market penetration.  Our team is as diverse as our message lending an authentic flavor to your targeted messaging.


When it comes to multi-communication and multicultural marketing, that's really what it's all about...AUTHENTICITY.

  • Creativity = Analytics

    We place equal importance on the creative and analytical portions of a project. Agencies that deal only creative are quickly becoming relics. As consumer tastes have evolved and business have evolved it only makes sense that agencies have to evolve with them. Yes, creative is the fun part, but we would argue that analytics is more fulfilling.

  • Science = Mystery

    It may be a cliché but in our experience, deadlines often yield the best creative. There's a science to extracting the relevant information out of the analytical data and a mystery in the rousing of the spirit that yields inspiring creative.  We worship at the altar of both.

  • It's a Partnership

    We go to great lengths to ensure our Clients are completely satisfied at a projects completion. We are a vested partner in seeing your project reach a successful conclusion. Customer satisfaction is our primary focus and we'll do whatever it takes to achieve the goal of a happy and satisfied client.


charitable organizations

The mission of the Luis E. Torres Scholarship Fund is simple yet profound; to recognize students who have overcome or are battling a medical obstacle to achieve academic excellence in their pursuit of higher education.


For more information, visit them online @ www.luisetorresscholarshipfund.org

The vision of Operation Hug-A-Hero is to provide a Hug-A-Hero doll to every child, regardless of need, of a deploying or fallen military service member and those who support our nation’s homeland security efforts in a proactive and timely manner.


For more information, visit them online @ www.operationhugahero.org

The need to communicate effectively
is the precursor to success.

What we do

Our Mission


Diversification of a brand necessitates multiple elements working in conjunction to develop a seamless message which resonates across a multiplicity of demographics regardless of geographic locales.  However, we believe that before any elements can"work" together, there needs to be a foundation upon which brand diversification can flourish.  It's something we like to call the REACH™ principle.  We've segmented the REACH™ principle into five factors:


1. Acknowledge that the marketplace is a global one and make the decision as a company to RELATE your brand messaging to a diverse audience.


2. Identify EMERGING MARKETS where your products and services can flourish.


​3. ACCLIMATE the brand message for the targeted demographic and identified region.  This one is a little tricky but we never advocate compromising your brand , rather we advise awareness of the demographics' communication culture and adoption of geographic mores in brand messaging.


4. The point at which your brand messaging begins to resonate within the demographic marketplace is what we refer to as COMMUNICATION SYNERGY.


5. Last but certainly not least, we believe that every purchasing decision, be it B2B or B2C, is an emotionally invested one.  The emotions may vary dependent on demographic, but the concept doesn't change.  Be prepared to win their HEARTS and MINDS with your brand messaging.













Marketing can be summed up in two words: AWARENESS and RECOGNITION. The marketing umbrella is wide and covers everything from Advertising, Communications, Public Relations, Promotions, Operations, Sales...let's just say there isn't a part of a company that marketing doesn't touch. It's not enough to partake in all of these acitivites without identifying the proper channels that maximize your budget and reach your potential customers.

A third of mobile phone users in the United States are using a smartphone and 65% of those smartphone users are the coveted 18-44 demographic. It's not enough to create a mobile platform; we help you engage your current customers and communicate with your new prospects in a way they 're use to receiving their communications.

Search Engines are meant to do two things - first, return only those results that are relevant / useful to the searcher's query and second, to rank the results in order of perceived importance. It is both RELEVANCE and IMPORTANCE the the process of search engine optimization is intended to influence. There is no magic bullet in optimization; just a steady march towards page dominance.




Brands are psychology and science brought together as a promise mark, not a trademark. Brands outlive products. Brands convey a uniform quality, credibility and experience. Brands have value. Branding isn't about a name and a logo anymore...it's about shaking the establishment tree.

Good web design is like functional art...pretty to look at and useful. in web design there's a very fine line between engagement and disengagement. That's why we have our marketer(s), designer(s) and developer(s) work as a team when your site is being built. Too often a designer will develop a look and a developer will have to make it "fit" while everyone ignores the intended functionality. That doesn't happen here. We'll make sure your site reaches your audience, looks great and functions as intended.

There's no greater first impression than a

visual one. From logos and websites to advertisments and packaging, design visually represents your brand promise instantly. The trick lies in balancing form and function. While awards and recognition are nice, it's the high fives and board room chest bumps that bring us the most satisfaction. You read that right...great design is directly related to board room chest bumps.



Good design is good business.


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