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Culturally Diversifying Your Brand
"You don't need to re-brand for a culturally diverse audience; you just need to REACH™ them."
Relate to a diverse audience

Emerging Markets

Acclimate the message

Cultural Synergy

Hearts and Minds
Cultural diversification of a brand necessitates multiple elements working in conjunction to develop a seamless message which resonates across a multiplicity of demographics regardless of geographic locales.  However, we believe that before any elements can"work" together, there needs to be a foundation upon which brand diversification can flourish.  It's something we like to call the REACH™ principle.  We've segmented the REACH™ principle into five factors:

1. Acknowledge that the marketplace is a global one and make the decision as a company to RELATE your brand messaging to a diverse audience.

2. Identify EMERGING MARKETS where your products and services can flourish.

​3. ACCLIMATE the brand message for the targeted demographic and identified region.  This one is a little tricky but we never advocate compromising your brand , rather we advise awareness of the demographics' culture and adoption of geographic mores in brand messaging.

4. The point at which your brand messaging begins to resonate within the demographic marketplace is what we refer to as CULTURAL SYNERGY.

5. Last but certainly not least, we believe that every purchasing decision, be it B2B or B2C, is an emotionally invested one.  The emotions may vary dependent on demographic, but the concept doesn't change.  Be prepared to win their HEARTS and MINDS with your brand messaging.
Born and raised in New York City, Eric Torres was educated at St. Patrick’s (of Cathedral fame) in Manhattan. His parents were fashion designers and most of his youth was spent amongst a rich palette of color and design which he attributes as the seedlings of his creative spirit. After his parents moved to Tampa, Florida, he was accepted into the University of South Florida at the age of sixteen and subsequently relocated to Miami, Florida upon graduation in 1998.

Resolute in knowing that creativity was an essential component of his career path, Eric sought out employment with one the largest independent production studios in the country; Five Star Productions in Delray Beach, Florida. With no previous experience and no formal training, Eric offered to “take out the trash” in exchange for the opportunity. Five Star must have liked what they saw, because he was hired within a week as a production assistant/defacto janitor.

Undertaking formal training during the evening at FAU in Boca Raton, Eric quickly asserted himself as a creative force and was soon producing and directing programming viewed in over 50 countries culminating in two Emmy awards for Information Programming in 2001. Family obligations brought him back to Tampa where he took on the task of producing the largest outdoor musical festival ever attempted in Tampa, The SOAP Show, in October, 2004. With a much smaller creative footprint in Tampa than Miami, Eric went to work for larger corporations such as Univision and NASCAR, but the watershed moment came from his time at the Nielsen Company.

Working with offices in Chicago, London, Sydney and Buenos Aires, Eric quickly realized the importance of globalization on the marketplace and how messaging affected the ebb and flow of successful product/service integration. Seizing on the opportunity to serve as a conduit between companies and under-served markets, Eric formed Torres & Ortiz – brandiversity with the goal of delivering a brands’ message to a culturally diverse audience.

In addition to his responsibilities as President of Torres & Ortiz - brandiversity, Eric also handles the Hispanic division of Torres & Ortiz.

Dr. Augustus Jordon, III
African American Advertising Division

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Catherine Gauthier - Platz
French Advertising Division

​A native of Montreal, Quebec, Catherine Gauthier-Platz graduated from Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, LA, with a Bachelor of Arts, double major in Broadcast Journalism & Public Relations in 2001.​

Suzanne Rodriguez
Graphic Design

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Katy Krassner
Public Relations / Social Media

Katy began her media career in publicity, working alongside many well-known music artists during her time at Sanctuary Records, Hollywood Records and Universal Records.

Her specialties include social media strategies, community management, as well as editorial copy writing. She has written media materials for Duran Duran, They Might Be Giants, Def Leppard, Damian Marley, Tori Amos, Robert Plant, John Fogerty, Jordin Sparks, Margaret Cho, Ben Taylor, One Eskimo and more, as well as several entertainment based companies.

Whatever brand of communication you’re looking to achieve, from copy for your website to managing a brand’s social network to e-blasts for your business, press releases, executive summaries, bios and more, Katy can give a creative and unique edge to your presentation.

Sean Michael
Composer, Audio Engineer

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Eric Torres - President
Hispanic Advertising Division
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